11th October 2015

Festival Voices, 9 October: “The term EcoMobility sums it up”

“It is fantastic to be here! This is the first festival that is really promoting what we think is sustainable living. I hope it can serve […]
8th October 2015
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Festival Voices, 8 October: “People still use the sidewalk and not the whole street.”

“I’m cycling to work every day, also before the festival started. It is a good way to stay fit. For me, the festival did not make […]
8th October 2015

Festival Voices, 7 October: “I have never been on a bus before!”

“I have been commuting by car for five years and I have seen the traffic in Sandton getting worse and worse every day. I used to […]
7th October 2015

Festival Voices, 6 October: “It is important that leaders are not just preaching messages but actually doing it in their daily life”

“The most important thing about this Festival is about mindsets. It is about its message − so that even people who are not part of the festival […]