There's More to Joburg Than Business!

Africa’s most popular destination

Welcome to Johannesburg

Johannesburg is a fascinating, multifaceted metropolis which offers visitors plenty of colourful and diverse experiences across a broad spectrum of interests.

From its humble beginnings as a gold mining boomtown in 1886, Johannesburg has blossomed and grown into the cultural and commercial hub of the African subcontinent in the short space of 129 years.

Towering skyscrapers, museums and art galleries share busy streets with gorgeous gardens teeming with trees, fabulous shopping malls and theatres; and very importantly, a broadly multiracial and multicultural population, making it one of the most colourful and culturally cosmopolitan destinations on the African continent. Everyone who visits Johannesburg will tell you about the people, their warmth, enthusiasm and vibrancy; making it the remarkable place that it is.

We invite you to visit Johannesburg and stay a little longer, enjoy discovering why the people who live here love it and those who visit our great city, never forget it.

Notes for the urban traveller

Johannesburg’s status as the financial and commercial capital of Southern Africa, as well as being the major access hub for air transport, has led to the development of an urban tourism culture in the City.

This centres around places of historical, cultural, economic and political interest, as well as leisure and lifestyle, including retail, fashion, music, sports and entertainment. Johannesburg’s legendary shopping, dining, entertainment and nightlife is complemented by fabulous weather, as well as an astonishing array of facilities like spectacular golf courses, gyms, spa’s and wellness centres which add to its appeal as a destination.

Johannesburg is indeed a global, year-round business and leisure destination, brimming with special events, attractions, tastes, sights and sounds to encourage visitors to stay longer, spend more and enjoy exploring further afield. From The Joburg Open golf tournament in January, the Joburg Fashion Week in March, the Africa Cup Polo in August, Joy of Jazz in and Joburg Shopping Festival in September, to Africa Fashion Week, the Soweto Fashion Week and the Sansui Summer Cup in November –

Johannesburg has a calendar jam-packed with special consumer and lifestyle events, festivals and celebrations throughout the year.