7th March 2016

Impressions of Eco-Mobility in Johannesburg

by: Ross Douglas Johannesburg is a city I have lived in on and off for 20 years before recently moving to Paris to start a fair […]
13th January 2016

Monitoring and evaluation of the Sandton masterplan goals trough the Sandton ecomobility festival

27th November 2015

EcoMobility Festival’s Managed Lanes proved to be a successful transport model for the future

With congested inner-city districts, rising green house gas emissions from transportation and increasing difficulty to provide accessible travel options for all citizens, the need to curb convenient access […]
26th November 2015

Volunteers gained new skills and plenty of experiences at EcoMobility World Festival 2015

Young South Africans dressed in flashy orange shirts guiding children through the exhibition, conducting bicycle trainings, courteously guiding visitors through the streets of Sandton and assisting international experts at […]
20th November 2015
Discovery Area Rendering

Corporates Applaud Joburg EcoMobility

A number of chief executive officers of major companies across the City of Johannesburg on Thursday, 19 November 2015, have expressed their support for Ecomobility as […]
30th October 2015

Game changers in transport

Ismail Vadi, Gauteng MEC for Roads&Transport SINCE the start of October the distinctive sound of cars on Sandton`s busy streets has been replaced by the purring […]
27th October 2015

Ready – Steady – Go Green in WWF’s low-carbon race

Wednesday 21 October was a working day like any other day for the commuters of Joburg, the only difference was the influx of high-profile City of […]
27th October 2015

RunCycleRun in the Streets of Sandton

The Inaugural Discovery Duathlon, held in Sandton over the weekend of the 24th and 25th October, was a huge success with a great turnout! Fitness enthusiasts, […]
26th October 2015

EcoMobility is the way to go

Tatiana Remy, a 16-year-old Grade 10 learner at Redhill High School in Sandton had never used public transport in her entire life. Growing up in a […]
21st October 2015

Festival Voices, 20 October: “I wish the free shuttle bus and the lane for public transportation remain after this month”

“I used to take my car to work. For the festival, I switched to travelling by Gautrain or car pooling. That way I safe a lot […]
21st October 2015

EcoMobility Festival family fun weekend: Slide Jozi and Sports Weekend

On its third weekend (17-18 October), the EcoMobility Festival featured fun-filled activities that highlight unique experiences to enjoy the streets. West st., a major Sandton thoroughfare, […]
20th October 2015

Sandton transforms into street-play heaven, wrapping up the EcoMobility Festival with sports and live music events

19th October 2015

Festival Voices, 18 October: “Sandton is more fun these days”

“We came to Sandton to visit a friend. We parked our car at a Gautrain station and then took the Gautrain to get here, which was […]
14th October 2015

MEC Ismail Vadi: “This festival has really come at the right time.”

INTERVIEW with Ismail Vadi, Member of the Executive Council for Roads and Transport of Gauteng Provincial Government, South Africa Where do you see the main challenges […]
11th October 2015

Festival Voices, 9 October: “The term EcoMobility sums it up”

“It is fantastic to be here! This is the first festival that is really promoting what we think is sustainable living. I hope it can serve […]
11th October 2015

Back to school? Sandton is ready!

Today schools open again after the break. The City of Johannesburg Transport department has been working to deal with the additional pressure expected on the transport […]
11th October 2015

Freedom Ride and Road Safety Family Day close the first week of the EcoMobility Festival

Over 4000 cyclists rode through the streets of Johannesburg yesterday as part of the Freedom Ride, one of the mass participation events of the EcoMobility World […]
9th October 2015

Making the commuting decision safe, sustainable and popular

In concluding the series, the third and final EcoMobility Stakeholder Dialogue tackled the topic of Making the commuting decision safe, sustainable and popular. Crispian Olver (Freedom […]
9th October 2015

Ecomobility is the recipe for bridging the transport and climate change divide

The Leaders’ Roundtable on Road to Paris: transport and climate change was held on 8 October 2015 as a part of the EcoMobility Dialogues 2015. The […]
8th October 2015
IMG_6828 (Large)

Festival Voices, 8 October: “People still use the sidewalk and not the whole street.”

“I’m cycling to work every day, also before the festival started. It is a good way to stay fit. For me, the festival did not make […]
8th October 2015

Festival Voices, 7 October: “I have never been on a bus before!”

“I have been commuting by car for five years and I have seen the traffic in Sandton getting worse and worse every day. I used to […]
8th October 2015

Technical experts meeting: The future of mobility

More than 30 technical experts on urban mobility from Africa and abroad convened to deliberate on the situation of Transport in Climate Change debate. The meeting […]
8th October 2015

Achieving and enabling EcoMobility: New and shared forms of mobility

The second in the series of EcoMobility stakeholder dialogues focused on Achieving and enabling EcoMobility: New and shared forms of mobility, with the view of exploring […]
7th October 2015

Festival Voices, 6 October: “It is important that leaders are not just preaching messages but actually doing it in their daily life”

“The most important thing about this Festival is about mindsets. It is about its message − so that even people who are not part of the festival […]
7th October 2015
Mayor's Imbizo

Huge success at the Imbizo with the Mayor of Joburg

Citizens of Johannesburg, international experts and City of Johannesburg officials gathered yesterday for the Imbizo (Public Dialogue) with Mayor Parks Tau. The Imbizo has been an […]
6th October 2015

How to reshape a city through EcoMobility

On its second day, the EcoMobility Dialogues held its first stakeholder dialogue on “Reshaping cities for ecomobility: strategies and tactics”. This day-long session featured perspectives on […]
6th October 2015

Festival Voices, 4 October: “I’m here because I’m a Joburger”

“I think it was a really good day. People came out, which was what we wanted. There was a big group of cyclists, walkers, skateboarders and […]
5th October 2015

Transport Demand Management Workshop

Our cities are constantly grappling with growing private transport and often solutions such as providing more roads are sought as a way out. Research shows that […]
5th October 2015

The EcoMobility Dialogues kicked off today with the GIZ and C40 workshops

Today the EcoMobility Dialogues started out with two workshops on Clean Bus Fleets, by C40 cities, and on Travel Demand Management, by the German International Development […]
5th October 2015

Festival Voices, 3 October: “People need to have confidence about their safety”

“I walk from Alexandra to Sandton each working day. It takes me a little more than one hour to walk one way. I walk because the […]
5th October 2015

Festival Voices, 2 October: “We are curious to see what difference the festival will make”

“Instead of using my car, I took the bus to come to work today. For the EcoMobility Festival, they said that there would be no access […]
2nd October 2015

Profile of City of Johannesburg Executive Mayor Cllr. Mpho Parks Tau

“We are a city where the young lead the call for transformation, demanding the opportunity to work, to improve their lives, and become the best of […]
30th September 2015
Johannesburg (c) Chris Eason Flickr.com (2)

Get to know Sandton!

One of the aims of the EcoMobility World Festival 2015 is to decongest Sandton. But what is Sandton, and why is it important? Sandton contains Johannesburg’s […]
25th September 2015
Urban Agriculture

Joburg’s fine balance between development and sustainability

Johannesburg is the largest municipality in South Africa, serving the country’s economic powerhouse, the greater Johannesburg metropolitan area. Its large population and high-density commercial and industrial […]
22nd September 2015
Johannesburg (c) Chris Eason Flickr.com (3)

Infrastructure changes for EcoMobility Festival point to legacy

As the EcoMobility World Festival 2015 approaches, the City of Johannesburg is putting the final touches to the infrastructure changes that will serve residents and visitors […]
22nd September 2015
Rea Vaya (c) Jeppestown Flickr.com

A U-turn on Automobile Dependency?

Post by Sunny Kodukulas Increasing levels of congestion, poor air quality, reduced road safety, lack of footpaths and reduction in the number public spaces are signs […]
22nd September 2015

10 Things to Know about the EcoMobility World Festival 2015

1. It is happening in Sandton in October Joburg will be the second major world city to host this global event in partnership with ICLEI-Local Governments […]
17th September 2015

Africa’s first EcoMobility World Festival: Ask your questions LIVE to the Mayor of Johannesburg

JOHANNESBURG, South-Africa, September 14, 2015/ -- ICLEI –Local Governments for Sustainability and the City of Johannesburg will host an online press conference on 17 September at 1 pm CAT/CEST on the occasion of the EcoMobility World Festival 2015, the first on the African continent, which will “turn the streets of Sandton inside out.
15th September 2015
Ecomobility Festival-StudioMAS_R6_25.07.2015_Page_39_Image_0002

Johannesburg’s Long-Term Plan for Sustainable Transport

Transport accounts for 31% of South Africa’s energy consumption and 16% of its CO2 emissions. In cities, transport accounts for 56% of energy consumption. Johannesburg is […]
14th September 2015

Scully Scooters: EcoMobility and Economic Equality

Sometimes we have to try things for ourselves in order to understand the possibilities they offer. This was the case for Lynne Scullard, the founder of […]
11th September 2015

Urban planning – Streetwise

Cities are starting to put pedestrians and cyclists before motorists. That makes them nicer-and healthier-to live in. AT 6am on a sweltering Sunday the centre of […]
10th September 2015

London revealed as Europe’s most congested city

INRIX, a provider of real-time traffic information and connected driving services, has published its Traffic Scorecard Report revealing UK drivers wasted an average of 30 hours in congestion […]
4th September 2015


Recommended hotels in Johannesburg We have numerous hotels we can recommend participants to stay. Please note that we do not have reservations available for these hotels. […]
4th September 2015
Freedom Ride Cllr Parks Tau (Small)

Transport Management Plan Transforms Sandton and Maps Legacy

In the run-up to the EcoMobility World Festival 2015, the City of Johannesburg has been working on a comprehensive Transport Management Plan. The City has sought […]
3rd September 2015
A2 - Resilient building -Sandra Garavito
Foto: Barbara FRommann

How to Re-shape Cities for EcoMobility

Many of us would like our cities to have more sustainable transport systems. And many of our local leaders feel the same. The congestion and pollution […]
3rd September 2015

Rea Vaya Central to City’s EcoMobility Roll-out Plans

The EcoMobility World Festival, taking place in Sandton in October, will both showcase and accelerate the City’s initiatives to introduce long-term changes to transport patterns in […]
17th August 2015

Johannesburg’s Growth and Development Strategy 2040

17th August 2015

Long-term Transport Vision

17th August 2015
pedestrians-bus1_250 (c) Joburg

Various improvements in public space

11th August 2015
phoca_thumb_l_gallery_state-of-art5 (c) Joburg

Rea Vaya – Bus Rapid Transit System

Rea Vaya BRT was introduced in Johannesburg in 2007 as a fast, safe and affordable public transport system on a network of bus routes across the […]
11th August 2015
TMP30July 2015_Page_09_Image_0003

Rea Vaya Infrastructure Timetable for change

11th August 2015

Expansion of Rea Vaya BRT Infrastructure

8th August 2015

Encouraging a Culture For Cycling

Leading up to the EcoMobility World Festival the City is in discussion with partners about the introduction of bike sharing, bike purchasing and bike rental schemes […]
7th August 2015

Promoting cycling for all

5th August 2015

Rosebank, Sandton to be connected by new bicyle lanes

Rosebank will soon be connected to Sandton and surrounding areas by 27km of new bicycle lanes which not only aim to reduce motorist gridlocks but also their […]
4th August 2015
Parade (c) ICLEI e.V 2013

A festival of the people: EcoMobility World Festival 2015 goes to Johannesburg

Written by Rob Szmigielski, Communications and Member Relations Officer, ICLEI European Secretariat    ‘The neighbourhood became brighter. There are more street lamps and flower gardens. Since then the […]
3rd August 2015

Strategic Integrated Transport Plan Framework

3rd August 2015
Garden Court Bus Stop Rendering

EcoMobility Workshops to Spread Best Practice

At the beginning of the EcoMobility World Festival 2015, two one-day workshops will enable a range of stakeholders to share best practices and spread their ideas […]
2nd August 2015
challenge_transport_small_still-7-bridge deck

Dedicated cycling and walking path and bridge between Alexandra and Sandton

2nd August 2015
Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 20.16.26

Corridors of Freedom

1st August 2015
Santon CBD, Johannesburg, South Africa

Africa’s ‘premier meeting place’ is growing in Sandton

1st August 2015
TMP30July 2015_Page_09_Image_0003

Expansion of the Rea Vaya BRT Infrastructure

31st July 2015
Mayor Tau Press Conference

Global Festival “Will Turn the Streets of Sandton Inside Out”

Johannesburg’s success in rolling out public transport and promoting cycling and pedestrian activities will be highlighted at a major international festival in October. “We will prove […]
30th July 2015

Johannesburg takes the lead

27th July 2015

Call for Photos: EcoMobility Champions!

In October 2015, Johannesburg will host the the second EcoMobility World Festival – a month-long celebration and exploration of sustainable urban mobility. As a part of […]
26th July 2015
VIP ride (c) ICLEI e.V 2013

EcoMobility Expo Online features urban mobility products between walking stick and car

The EcoMobility Expo Online features urban mobility products between walking stick and car As the EcoMobility World Festival in Sandton, Johannesburg comes closer, Executive Mayor Parks […]
23rd July 2015

All set for 702 Walk the Talk

Johannesburg’s first resident, Executive Mayor Mpho Parks Tau, several members of the mayoral committee and a number of senior officials will lead from the front on […]
22nd July 2015
Workshop Lyon

EcoMobility Dialogues 2015 at the World Summit Climate & Territories in Lyon, France

At the beginning of this month, the EcoMobility Dialogues were promoted at the World Summit Climate & Territories in Lyon, France. Taking place on 1-2 July, […]
22nd July 2015
press conference

Call for Journalists: Cover the EcoMobility World Festival and Dialogues in Johannesburg! Apply for the Media Travel Programme!

Are you a journalist passionate about interesting, witty, innovative ideas on transport? Want to have a peek into the future ecomobile city where the streets are […]
20th July 2015

Check out our featured speakers

Coming from around the world, the EcoMobility Dialogues 2015 will have prominent speakers such as: • Carlos Felipe Pardo Executive Director, Despacio, Colombia • Timothy Papandreou […]
8th July 2015

Be a part of the EcoMobility Dialogues 2015!

Dialogues are part of month-long demonstration of urban car-free lifestyle 7 July 2015 More than 300 people, including representatives of the City of Johannesburg’s leadership, business […]
12th June 2015
Folding bike 1_website

Shifting Gears for a Greener CBD

21st April 2015

Opportunities for partnership – make the Festival work for you

The EcoMobility World Festival opens up various opportunities for businesses in and outside of Sandton to partner with the City of Johannesburg. Opportunities include in the […]
2nd April 2015
Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 10.19.28

Stakeholder and public consultations – have your say

The success of the EcoMobility World Festival greatly depends on the involvement of stakeholders and the public. In order to ensure that stakeholders and the public […]
1st April 2015

Encouragement, critique, concerns: the dialogue with the community and stakeholders has begun

The proponents and organizers of the EcoMobility World Festival2015 are receiving messages from citizens and businesses who are concerned about the impacts of the month-long closure of streets in central Sandton CBD. While the City of Johannesburg prepares for a broadly based public consultation, the initiator of the EcoMobility Festival series, Konrad Otto-Zimmermann, has responded to those who have raised questions or expressed concerns.
18th March 2015

All set for EcoMobility World Festival

The City of Johannesburg will take another giant leap into the green space when it hosts the EcoMobility World Festival in October, becoming the second-ever city in the world to stage the high-profile event.
17th March 2015

Future of Johannesburg’s Transport is being rolled out now!

Long-term changes to transport patterns in Sandton with a dominant focus on efficient public transport, bicycle lanes and pedestrian activities are currently being introduced. The City […]
10th March 2015

1st Stakeholders Workshop

The City of Johannesburg held the first stakeholders workshop bringing together various decision makers, business entities and public together to brainstorm and receive inputs for the […]
10th March 2015

Results from the first EcoMobility World Festival

Suwon‘s month-long car-free experiment was a big hit September 2013 has been an unprecedented experience for the residents of Suwon‘s Haenggung-dong neighborhood. Through the EcoMobility World […]
1st March 2015

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