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23rd July 2015
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EcoMobility Expo Online features urban mobility products between walking stick and car

VIP ride (c) ICLEI e.V 2013

The EcoMobility Expo Online features urban mobility products between walking stick and car

As the EcoMobility World Festival in Sandton, Johannesburg comes closer, Executive Mayor Parks Tau and Festival Creative Director Konrad Otto-Zimmermann have cut the ribbon for a virtual exhibition. The EcoMobility Expo Online showcases over 250 EcoMobility vehicles through over thousand photos within the wide range of mobility aids ‘between walking stick and car’. The selected types of vehicles are meant to be teasers aiming to whet visitors’ appetite for ‘going ecomobile’.

“It’s amazing to see how many vehicles are available for people to move around and goods to be transported in urban areas”, said Mayor Tau. In the opinion of Creative Director Otto-Zimmermann, “there is no purpose for which an urban trip could not be done without a private car”.

The vehicles shown are grouped according to the nine themes that the EcoMobility vehicles exhibition in Sandton this October will feature, which are: Cycles; Kids & Pets; Shopping; Leisure, Sports & Fun; Personal Mobility; Passenger Transport; Light Electric Vehicles; Utility, Delivery & Sales ; and Eye Catchers.

The EcoMobility Expo Online is conceived to educate consumers on vehicle options for greener mobility in our cities and towns. It is designed to display types of vehicles. While the vehicle types are illustrated by photos of exemplary products kindly provided by companies, the purpose of the presentation is not to promote specific products or models of a specific company.

A commenting function invites a discussion by visitors – whether ordinary users or experts – on the various vehicle types. The Expo Online is operated by the The Urban Idea and fed by their unique EcoMobility products database.

To view the EcoMobility Expo Online, visit: EcoMobility Expo Online