Sandton transforms into street-play heaven, wrapping up the EcoMobility Festival with sports and live music events
20th October 2015
Festival Voices, 20 October: “I wish the free shuttle bus and the lane for public transportation remain after this month”
21st October 2015

EcoMobility Festival family fun weekend: Slide Jozi and Sports Weekend


On its third weekend (17-18 October), the EcoMobility Festival featured fun-filled activities that highlight unique experiences to enjoy the streets. West st., a major Sandton thoroughfare, was taken over by a 300-meter water slide for Slide Jozi. Adjacent to it, Maude st. (home of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange) turned into a selection of tables and courts to exercise one’s own physical and mental muscle for the Sports Weekend. Food stalls, curio shops and entertainment outlets were also in place for the hundreds that partook in the occasion.

For that weekend, families and kids of all ages dominated the very same streets that typically serve as the bloodline for Africa’s financial district. It emphasised the role that public spaces have in bringing people together to build healthy and happy communities. After all, when and where else could Gauteng Province MEC Transport Ishmail Vadi get to share the same refreshing thrill as the youngest generation of urban dwellers in his constituency? In the same vein, camaraderie has been formed across people of perceived physical differences and social division all in the love of the game—from ball sports to board games—or even the magnificent view of Jacaranda tops that can only be afforded by a bungee trampoline.

Such was its success that interest and curiosity buzzed about having this annually, if not monthly! Truly there’s nothing like going back to the basics of play, music, food, solidarity (or even just a dose of heart-stopping, endorphin-pumping adrenaline) to weave the energy that could inspire society to reimagine their spaces and rethink of new ways they could relate as well as take ownership of it.
In the same spirit, the last two weekends of the EcoMobility Festival will see the Discovery Duathlon (October 24-25) and the EcoMobility Block Party closing event (October 31), which will once again, bring together lovers of football, rugby, and music, to celebrate the different ways in which we can move.