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Dedicated cycling and walking path and bridge between Alexandra and Sandton
2nd August 2015
Strategic Integrated Transport Plan Framework
3rd August 2015

EcoMobility Workshops to Spread Best Practice

Garden Court Bus Stop Rendering

At the beginning of the EcoMobility World Festival 2015, two one-day workshops will enable a range of stakeholders to share best practices and spread their ideas around the world. Both will take place on 5 October 2015, at the IDC Conference Center in Sandton. One will focus on Transport Demand Management, and the other on Clean Bus Fleets.

The Clean Bus Fleet Workshop is targeted at city officials, transport agencies, bus manufacturers and other industry stakeholders, and will outline the opportunity for cities to shift to clean bus fleets, provide an overview of available technology options, opportunities for discussions with industry stakeholders, and initiate the process of building a global picture of urban bus fleets.

The Transport Demand Management Workshop s targeted at local decision makers and practitioners who want to learn the basics of TDM strategies and explore the implementation options in cities. This workshop is part of the CCAC Urban Bus Fleets project, which is aimed at supporting cities in shifting new bus purchases to engines that achieve the lowest technically feasible black carbon emissions matched by current fuel quality, and to make a public commitment to shift all new bus purchases to soot-free engines by a target date.