MEC Ismail Vadi: “This festival has really come at the right time.”
14th October 2015
Sandton transforms into street-play heaven, wrapping up the EcoMobility Festival with sports and live music events
20th October 2015

Festival Voices, 18 October: “Sandton is more fun these days”


DSC06768_neu_klein“We came to Sandton to visit a friend. We parked our car at a Gautrain station and then took the Gautrain to get here, which was very fast and convenient. It was lovely, very similar to European standard. I’ve been in Sandton before, traffic is crazy usually. This time it’s more pleasant, you find things that help you to use the space without cars like the exhibition or tuk-tuks that take you around. I hope that also people living here will use the exhibition and the festival. I got a flyer with cycle lanes to Sandton. Now I wish I would work or live here so I could cycle around.”

Nick and Crystal, Sandton visitors

DSC06772_neu_klein“We came from Capetown on a business trip just for a day. We took the Gautrain from the airport to Sandton, it was very fast and convenient. I (Nabeelah) had heard of the festival before, and I thought it is a wonderful idea. I had been to Sandton before and got stuck in the heavy traffic. Now it’s nice to walk around and we are excited to have a look at the exhibition as well.”

Chrisna Nöthling and Nabeelah Mia, visitors from Cape Town



“We came to Sandton after school to have lunch. We took the taxi. When we walked to the mall, we got stopped and invited to have a look at the exhibition. We agreed and now we are having lots of fun testing all kinds of vehicles. This one (pedalo) looks easy but it’s hard to stay on it. It’s fun. And I’ve never been on a bicycle with my skirt on before. Sandton is more fun these days.“

Lebone and Zine, students


“The festival is good DSC06808_kleinso far. The organizers have given us a chance to work here. I’m a festival marshall, we help people to take the free shuttles.

Especially in the morning they are full, but during the day less people take them. Some of the people park their cars and then use the shuttle. In the beginning, many people thought they have to pay, but now people queue up for it. Mostly people who work here use the shuttle. We recognize some people, but we also see different faces each day. The traffic is slow but moving. One taxi can replace 3-4 cars.

We got one week of training in the last week of September.  We hope to get a permanent job after the festival.“

Jack, festival marshall at the shuttle bus stop


Featured Photo: Simphiwe Nkwali, courtesy City of Johannesburg

Photos: Theresa Zimmermann, courtesy The Urban Idea