Profile of City of Johannesburg Executive Mayor Cllr. Mpho Parks Tau
2nd October 2015
Festival Voices, 3 October: “People need to have confidence about their safety”
5th October 2015

Festival Voices, 2 October: “We are curious to see what difference the festival will make”


01.10_Kaiser_2“Instead of using my car, I took the bus to come to work today. For the EcoMobility Festival, they said that there would be no access for cars to the building I am working in. So actually, I already planned to commute by bus for the whole month. It is a lot cheaper because I save the fuel. The only problem is that it does not run very often. Today I am already waiting for 30 minutes. But the bus is more relaxed, as driving the car is very stressful when there is heavy traffic.

Many people complain about the festival, but me and my colleagues at work don’t complain. In fact, we are all curious to see what difference the festival will make to Sandton. I hope that it will reduce traffic, because especially in the evening peak hours, there is too much traffic in Sandton. Apart from that, I don’t have high expectations for the festival, I am just interested to see how it will be.”

Kaiser, 35 years old, works in a bank in Sandton

02.10_Polly_3“I work at a hotel on Rivonia Road from 7 in the morning until 1pm, and again from 4pm to 9pm. In my break I like sitting here at Mandela Square, watching the people who pass by.

Sandton is beautiful, it has a very cool atmosphere. There are many security guards going around, so there is no robery happening here, even not at nighttime. I like to be here in Sandton.

My family lives in Soweto, but I stay here in Sandton. I sleep in a small room in the hotel. Once a month I go to Soweto. In peak hours it takes around two hours to go there. I prefer to take the bus to go there, they are safer than the mini bus taxis. In the taxis no one will help you in case something happens. We need more buses in Sandton, and also more trains.

I have heard about the festival, I like that it comes to Sandton. The new sidewalks are beautiful!”

Polly, 63 years old, works in a hotel in Sandton

02.10_Zanele_Library3“I daily come here to the library for my studies. I live just six kilometers away from the Sandton CBD, but there is no bus, so I always use my car. We are all very attached to our cars. When we get our first jobs, we want to buy a car. But we spend too much time in traffic. In fact, we are very stressed drivers because we spend so much time on the road.

Even though I come here regularly, I heard about the EcoMobility Festival only three days ago. I was very happy to see the cycle lanes coming up. I regularly run in the gym − so why not just cycle or run to Sandton instead? I could easily cycle the distance from my home if it was safer. I am really looking forward to cycling. I wish they put cycle lanes everywhere! In fact, I would like to be outside a lot, but I am either in buildings or in the car.

Here in South Africa we do not walk much. I have lived in Johannesburg for 20 years and I never walked. I wish I could walk around Sandton, it would be so nice to walk, meet people, chat and actually feel like you live in a city!”

Zanele, comes to the Sandton Library each day for her studies


Featured photo (c) Simphiwe Nkwali.

Individual photos (c) Tobias Kuttler and Theresa Zimmermann.