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Stakeholder and public consultations – have your say
2nd April 2015
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Shifting Gears for a Greener CBD
12th June 2015

Opportunities for partnership – make the Festival work for you

The EcoMobility World Festival opens up various opportunities for businesses in and outside of Sandton to partner with the City of Johannesburg. Opportunities include in the following areas:

  1. EcoMobility World Exhibition: This is an opportunity for local and international vehicle manufacturers and innovative solution providers to showcase their products and get immediate feedback from end users. The exhibition will feature a test track where users can test drive the vehicles. There is no exhibition fee for exhibitors and volunteers will be provided where needed by the City. Street Events: The month long Festival is an opportunity for companies to demonstrate their products and/or sponsor innovative events.. Companies can take advantage of this opportunity by organising street events for their employees and also for the visitors of the Festival. Some examples for events are art exhibitions on streets, outdoor gyms, fun runs, bike rides etc. The City will provide space on the closed-off streets after discussing with the interested parties. Companies and organisations would have branding rights and could arrange further marketing if they so desired.
  2. Street Stalls: Entities interested in putting up a stall on the street for either food, art, souvenirs, handicrafts etc. are encouraged to take the opportunity that the EcoMobility Festival provides. You may also discuss with the City organisers if you want to have a stall on particular days i.e. the weekends.
  3. Road Safety Campaigns: Road safety is critical for pedestrians, cyclist, public transport users, truck and private car drivers. In order to promote road safety awareness, the City will use the closed off streets and the month (which is also Transport Month in South Africa) to highlight road safety and City run campaigns targeting drivers, teens and children. A road safety family day will be held as part of the Festival. If your organisation has expertise on organising such events your partnership will be of great value to the Festival.
  4. Bicycle and Public Transport Service Providers: In order to meet the mobility needs of the people during the Festival the City plans to increase the number of buses and mini-bus taxis in the Festival area. There may also be pop-up bicycle lanes to make cycling safer and more accessible for first time commuter cyclists.. If your company has expertise in bike sharing schemes, provides mini-bus taxis and other eco-friendly transport options please do get in touch with the City.

How can you express your interest?

The City has opened the possibility or interested companies to express partnership proposals. Download forms that are required to express interest from below