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Various improvements in public space
17th August 2015
Johannesburg’s Growth and Development Strategy 2040
17th August 2015

Long-term Transport Vision



South Africa’s National Development Plan 2030 serves as a framework for the country’s long-term growth, the creation of a capable state and the building of an inclusive economy. With the title “Our Future – Make it Work” the NDP mobilises South Africans to take collective responsibility to design their shared future.

The NDP’s vision for transport is:

By 2030 investments in the transport sector will ensure that it serves as a key driver in empowering South Africa and its people towards:

  • improved access to economic opportunities, social spaces and services by bridging geographic distances affordably, reliably and safely;
  • economic development by facilitating the movement of goods and services; and
  • greater mobility of people and goods through transport alternatives that support minimised environmental harm.

Leading up to 2030, transport authorities will be challenged to translate the vision for getting South Africa to work in effective transport. They must provide sustainable transport services that are efficient, inclusive and linked to the need for spatial change in South Africa’s cities and related transport corridors.

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