Planning your trip to Johannesburg

Visa letters

Foreign nationals entering the republic of South Africa are generally required to have a valid passport and a South African visa. However, many are permitted visa-free entry for a limited time under certain conditions. Find more information on countries under VISA exemption agreement with South Africa.


South African’s official monetary unit is the South African Rand (ZAR). Currency Exchange Rate: One U.S dollar is roughly equivalent to 13.5 rand. The South African currency consists of a ten, twenty, fifty, hundred and two hundred rand note, and five, two, and one rand coins. Please note that exchange rates fluctuate daily; it is recommended to check current rates before making any large transactions.

Electrical outlets

The standard voltage in South Africa is 220 volts. The outlet has two round holes, similar to Germany, France, Austria, and other EU countries. If you do not have a power adapter, please check with your hotel’s front desk. You can also purchase on at the duty-free shops or in electronic stores.

Sandton Central Management District:

Phone: 011 609 1237/ 011 784 8400
Security Control: 011 884 3619

Tour programs

Please find more tour programs on Explore Africa or
Phone: 011 703 5327; 0860 333 999

Helpful numbers

  • Ambulance and Fire – 10177
  • Flying Squad – 10111
  • Sandton Police – 011 722 4000
  • Johannesburg Metro Police – 011 376 5911
  • Sandton Clinic – 011 709 2000
  • Morningside Clinic – 011 282 5000
  • Sandton Central Emergencies and Security: 011 884 3619