Encouragement, critique, concerns: the dialogue with the community and stakeholders has begun
1st April 2015
Opportunities for partnership – make the Festival work for you
21st April 2015

Stakeholder and public consultations – have your say

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The success of the EcoMobility World Festival greatly depends on the involvement of stakeholders and the public. In order to ensure that stakeholders and the public are properly informed about the EcoMobility Festival the City of Johannesburg has embarked on a series of consultations.

The first round which is almost complete has aimed to gain an understanding of the present transport patterns of people that come to Sandton each day as well as how the proposed street closures will affect them. The consultations are aimed at both the road closures for the Festival as well as the permanent changes that will be made to make Sandton more accessible for public transport users, cyclists and pedestrians.

Towards the end of May, the City will publish a draft Transport Management Plan for the Festival. During June there will be stakeholder and public consultations on this plan before it is finalised by the end of June.

The City would like to assure members of the public that any road closures and changes to road use will only be made after this detailed consultation process as well as after obtaining expert opinion from traffic engineers. The City will reach the public through online and print media. Members of the public and stakeholders can also write to to be added to an online mailing list for frequent updates.

The City of Johannesburg has also released a plan detailing the consultations with the Public and the stakeholders involved in the EcoMobility World Festival.

The document can be downloaded from below.