Expansion of Rea Vaya BRT Infrastructure
11th August 2015
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Rea Vaya – Bus Rapid Transit System
11th August 2015

Rea Vaya Infrastructure Timetable for change

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Rea Vaya infrastructure Timetable for change

The roll-out of transport infrastructure will bring long-term changes to the streets of Sandton and Alexandra

[mk_table style=”style1″]Timetable for Change

When What
July to September 2015 Complete street upgrade along West Street (north-bound only) in preparation for the EcoMobility World Festival 2015. This will serve as a demonstration of future upgrades to be completed after the Festival. The scope of work will include the construction of wider pedestrian walks, cycle lanes, soft and hard landscaping and upgrading of street lighting.During this period there will be temporary road narrowing and minor upgrades to road surfaces in preparation for the Festival.
November 2015 to September 2016 The completion of the street upgrade along West Street which includes wider pedestrian walks, dedicated cycle lanes, road upgrades, commuter shelters, soft and hard landscaping and street light upgrades.During this period there will also be a full construction of a BRT/Public Transport Loop along Rivonia Road, Fredman Drive and 5th street. The scope of work includes the construction of wider pedestrian walkways, road upgrades, soft and hard landscaping, street light upgrades, road signage and the installation of five commuter shelters.Also included in this project is the construction of wider pedestrian walkways and cycle lanes along Maude Street, between Rivonia and West Streets. This is part of a dedicated programme to improve infrastructure for cycling and walking and will include the removal of some existing parking space.
November 2016 The dedicated cycle lane project between Alexandra and Sandton is currently under construction. The route traverses from Wynberg; along Rautenbach Road; over the Grayston interchange on pedestrian and cycling bridge; down along Sandton Drive; left into Katherine Street; right into Linden Road; to join Maude Street on Rivonia Road.The section along Rautenbach Road has been completed. The construction of the bridge over the Grayston interchange is underway and scheduled for completion in November 2016. The pedestrian walkways and cycle lanes on Katherine and Linden are planned for completion in September 2015.
March 2015 to December 2016 The construction of a dedicated Rea Vaya BRT bridge over the M1 highway between the Grayston and Marlboro interchanges. This bridge connects the BRT trunk route along Louis Botha Avenue with Katherine Street. Included in this bridge will be pedestrian walkways and an upgrade of the existing pedestrian bridge. The project is scheduled for completion by December 2016.
May 2014 to December 2016 Construction of BRT lanes, road and bridge widening along Katherine Street and Marlboro Drive. The section of Katherine between Grayston and West streets entails construction of a dedicated BRT lane; the upgrading of pedestrian walks; the upgrading of existing mixed traffic lanes; the upgrading street lights and landscaping. Construction is at an advanced stage and is planned for completion in August 2015.The section of Katherine Street between Grayston and Marlboro entails the widening of the Sandspruit Bridge from two to six lanes (two for BRT and four for mixed traffic).The Marlboro on-ramp onto the M1 north is widened to provide three right-turning lanes off Katherine street. This will increase capacity at the Grayston / Katherine intersection and the Katherine / Marlboro intersection.
November 2017 Rea Vaya bus services begin on the new route.