Achieving and enabling EcoMobility: New and shared forms of mobility
8th October 2015
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8th October 2015

Technical experts meeting: The future of mobility


More than 30 technical experts on urban mobility from Africa and abroad convened to deliberate on the situation of Transport in Climate Change debate. The meeting of experts resulted in discussing the five technical papers that were prepared on the broad topic of transport and climate change. The discussions yielded that future of mobility can only be sustainable in our cities if more priority is given to walking, cycling and public transport. Also, discussed was the potential of leap frogging in cities like Johannesburg to reach the sustainable development goals. Leap frogging will save valuable resources for a city by not repeating similar errors of the cities in the developed world. One of the technical papers has mentioned that a city cannot achieve sustainable transport if they do not involve the various stakeholders and learn from other cities.

Chaired by Mr Cornie Huizenga, Secretary General of the Partnership on Sustainable Low Carbon Transport (SLoCaT), the expert group also discussed on the Johannesburg Declaration, which shall be released to the public on 09 October  2015 at an international press conference.

The outcome of the meeting shall feed into the meeting of city leaders, on the 08 October 2015. In the city leader meeting, the declaration shall be further discussed and also cities will share with each other their current activities in promoting sustainable transport.