Transport Management Plan

Public transport, cyclists and pedestrians will be given preference on the streets of Sandton during the month-long EcoMobility World Festival in October 2015.

Road use will be changed on some of the streets in the Sandton CBD as well as some of the streets leading into Sandton but the City of Johannesburg is taking major steps to ensure that Sandton can continue to function as an important financial district and commercial hub.
One of the aims of the EcoMobility World Festival is to give people a preview of a future transport system where public transport, walking and cycling become the modes of choice.

The Sandton CBD, one of the busiest districts in South Africa, will be decongested and its streets turned into public spaces where people will be able to move from point to point using public transport, walking, cycling and eco-mobile vehicles.

Changing the use of identified streets will lead to a certain level of “discomfort” for people entering Sandton but will not create “dysfunctionality”. The discomfort and inconvenience caused by the closures will be matched by the comfort of using public transport, walking and cycling around Sandton.

The City is confident that retail businesses will benefit from the closure of the streets as the Festival is intended to attract “feet to the streets” in the form of pedestrians who will attend the various events hosted during the month and enjoy the opportunity to walk around in a car-free environment.

A comprehensive Transport Management Plan (TMP) has been drawn up by the City after consultation with local stakeholders including residents, the business community and the hospitality sector, as well as extensive traffic studies.
The changes introduced during the Festival are the start of process of long term changes. The streets will now begin to give dignity to pedestrians, access to cyclists and safety to public transport users.

Changes at Sandton CBD during the EcoMobility World Festival 2015

he graphic indicates the changes that will happen during the Festival as well as the legacy or long-term changes. This is also shown on the map.
he graphic indicates the changes that will happen during the Festival as well as the legacy or long-term changes. This is also shown on the map.

What will be different during the duration of the EcoMobility World Festival 2015 in the Sandton CBD?

West Street will be divided into two by a hoarding which will stretch from the corner of Fredman to near the entrance to the Michelangelo Hotel.

On the east side of the hoarding, construction vehicles as well as private cars that do need access to buildings on the east side of West as well as Stella street will be able to go up and down.

On the west side of West Street, the sidewalk will be widened and include a cycle lane.  This is a legacy project and will continue on both sides of West after the Festival.

Vehicles that have to access the Gautrain and other businesses will be able to do so from Rivonia Road through a managed access point. This section of the road will be a shared street and vehicle users will not be able travel fast.  The details of this are still to be finalised with relevant property owners on this section of the street.

There will be many activities on this street during the week and on weekends.

The EcoMobility World Exhibition and the test track will be located between the Michelangelo and the Gautrain Station.

Vehicles will be able to access Maude Street at Fifth Street but there will be a cul-de-sac at West.  This will give access to local users and more space for walking and cycling.

Vehicles will be able to turn around at the West Street end.

Residents, visitors and workers will be able to use this street, but it will be narrower, because it will also be used as a transport hub for metered taxis, tuk-tuks and public transport.

There will be no access from Alice to West Street.

Accommodation will be made for large trucks who need to come to the Sandton Convention Centre to make a u-turn.

During the weekdays and most weekends, Gwen Lane can be used by vehicles but they will only be able to turn left at Maude Street.

On some weekends, Gwen Lane will be closed for a certain period for festival  activities.

A public transport loop will be operational along Rivonia, Fredman and Fifth Streets. One of the street lanes will be taken way and the sidewalk broadened. This will serve as temporary infrastructure during October 2015, but will become a permanent feature in Sandton from June 2016.

Active Transport

Workers, residents and visitors to Sandton in October are encouraged to leave their private cars at home and make use of a wide range of alternative transport options to gain access to the precinct.

They can use public transport from their homes or from the park-and-ride facilities, including:

  • Metrobus, including the City’s new ‘green fleet’;
  • the Gautrain;
  • Gautrain buses, and Putco;
  • minibus taxis.

Travelling from point-to-point within Sandton can be done on tuk-tuks, pedi-cabs, electric vehicles and metered taxis, including the Uber service.